Movement and Massage

The importance of staying active to slow down some of the effects of ageing is well known. However, what you may not realise is that a regular massage can also go a long way to helping ‘hold back the hands of time’.

That’s because when done professionally, a massage impacts your whole body. It can ease muscle and joint pain, tackle stress and even potentially slow down cell damage!

Relaxation and calm

Measured and calm movement – such as a Tai Chi class – and a good massage both provide the perfect opportunity to let go of tension.

After all, worry and stress are two of the biggest obstacle to good health as we age. Especially if you have hypertension or other medical conditions that can be impacted by your anxiety levels.

Improved blood circulation

This is another great benefit of both gentle movement like Tai Chi and a holistic massage. Both are non-invasive ways to improve blood flow throughout your torso and limbs.

This means oxygen and nutrients get to all the places they are most needed.

Did you know that better blood circulation can also lead to having more energy in the daytime, and sleeping better at night?

Better muscle tone and comfort

Physical activities suitable for people in their Autumn years are not always easy. However, finding a Tai Chi class in Devon is an excellent option for age-appropriate exercise. It could well improve your balance, and help you strengthen key muscles in a low-impact way.

You certainly won’t get breathless with this form of physical activity for seniors!

If you have particular issues with certain muscle groups, or general aches and pains, then a therapeutic sports massage could be tailored to your needs.

The best sports massages are not just for recuperation from over-exertion or injury. They are also an excellent way to relieve pain in your tissues due to everyday stresses and strains.

Sports massages can also be a great preventative measure. They help you to protect muscle elasticity and strength. Even if that is only needed for a gentle stroll to the shops or lifting your grandchildren up.

Detoxing for better health

One of the biggest challenges with ageing is something called Oxidative Stress. This is the scientific term for a build-up of free radicals in your body. This happens naturally and occurs more readily as we get older. Free radicals in high numbers increase cell damage and bring many of the most noticeable signs of ageing.

It becomes really important to manage your nutrition well as we age, to get enough antioxidants to counterbalance oxidant stress.

However, throughout the world, massage has become a popular way to relax and energise human tissues and systems. It is widely held to be a way of triggering our body’s inherent ability to produce antioxidants.

In fact, according to one study, “Classical massage has an effect on the functioning of the human body on various levels, from cells to whole systems, including the nervous, circulatory, pulmonary, digestive, urinary, and endocrine system.”

Inflammation and fluid retention

A qualified massage therapist can also help you to tackle some of the excessive inflammatory responses that are common in older people. A great example of this is if you book a lymphatic drainage massage. This removes a build-up of toxins and fluid in your lymph glands.

It helps manage and alleviate such conditions as arthritis and chronic fatigue, as well as sinusitis, migraines, cellulite and acne rosacea.

Better mental health

Doing something enjoyable that lifts our mood – and that takes us away from our regular routines – contributes significantly to improved mental health. When we feel more positive, we tend to have more energy and cope better with all the wear and tear that comes with ageing.

To find both relaxing and therapeutic activities in Devon, simply browse our classes and massage options.

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