I've been coming to Pippa for 5 years.My treatments with her are always so relaxing. As she massages my shoulders I can feel the tension fall away. Recently she's been helping me with my knee. I've had knee surgery which went really well but the cold weather makes it complain a bit. Pippa has been using her "Scarwork," something I'd never heard of, but I'm finding really helpful. 

Jenny 26/11/21

Over the last few months I've been getting more frequent cramp in my foot and toes. The toes feel like they are fixed together. But after the treatment they feel like they have more space between them and my foot feels more relaxed and adaptable to the ground.

Sue 17/11/21

I'm so grateful and thankful for Pippa's expertise. I've found it tremendously helpful in managing my scoliosis. Not only does Pippa help remove tightness and tension in muscle groups and adhesion's via her hands-on techniques, she also works on structural factors that are influencing movement and contributing to pain. I feel taller and more upright and one leg no longer feels shorter than the other when I leave. This has meant I've needed to adjust the driving mirror on several occasions!


I had my first Hot Stones massage with Pippa today. All I can say is that I didn't want it to end!

D R 11/11/21

I was feeling very stiff in my back and a bit out of sorts. After the session I can feel my back tension has eased. My back and shoulders feel freer. Thanks Pippa

Michael 13/10/21

A few weeks ago I decided to try this form of treatment /therapy. It’s non-invasive, carried out by a highly qualified specialist and works on the soft tissues i.e muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. No bone manipulation.

Everything that Pippa (my specialist) told me made such perfect sense and yet I’d never thought about it myself. The worst part for me was standing in front of a mirror looking at my underwear clad body my “ Gok Won” moment but I was astonished by what Pippa helped me to see.

My left arm hung away from my body, one shoulder was higher than the other, my hips were out of line and I stood with my knees hyper extended causing my backside to stick out, no wonder I had chronic lower back pain and my right foot stuck out to the side, WHY, Why, WHY ……….

Pippa explained that over the years I had developed compensatory habits because of injury or strain I had taught my body to cope, the lesser of two evils and now I was paying the price.

Her answer was to help me retrain my soft tissues (muscles etc ) back into proper alignment there by reducing the excessive strain I had put on my body over the years and most importantly reduce / remove the pain. This was achieved by a series of sessions whereby Pippa worked on different parts of my body reducing the tension in individual muscles using a technique to stretch them. Understanding where the muscles attach in the body and in some cases just how big an area they cover helped me to appreciate why certain areas are more affected than others and the reason behind the need for certain exercises.

It is amazing that by realising and registering that I walked badly, by holding my spine ridged and hyer extended I was creating the pain instead of relieving it, OH it was so frustrating that I understood what I was supposed to be doing but couldn’t seem to get my brain to send the right signals to my body. With LOTS of patience on Pippa’s part and helpful exercises over the next few weeks I started to recognise and register when I was standing badly, walking badly, sitting badly and would start to correct myself.

This whole process has been enlightening and invigorating as Pippa has helped me to regain control of my own body by recognising what I am doing wrong and giving me both the exercises and the confidence to try. Such a simple thing you might say but surprisingly difficult to achieve when you are in constant pain.

Now at the end of the course I can go to my Gok Won moment and visibly see such an incredible difference. My body is level no more lopsided shoulders or hips, less hyper extension of the knees ,I walk with more confidence and distribute my weight more evenly but most importantly, I have the basic tools to keep going and retraining myself. I can’t recommend this course highly enough, nor Pippa who is the most dedicated and long suffering of all therapists.

Helen H

I have had a range of treatments over many years for injuries caused by accidents, carelessness and just plain old wear and tear. I have had osteopathy, chiropracty, physiotherapy, manipulation under anaesthetic, sports massage ….. All good to great, but none with lasting positive effects.

Kinesis Myofascial Integration is not something I was aware of until our first meeting, I just knew I wanted something different to the received orthodox wisdoms that were not working for me. Pippa works very differently to those disciplines and created a lasting outcome in me, whilst also educating me about how my body reacts to my inputs and creates habituated patterns. Her approach is informed, deeply intuitive and highly respectful of the individual she is working with. She checks for permission and responses continually during a session. Pippa is very present for the individual and is happy to answer questions about KMI, her approach to her work and the effects she is aiming to achieve.

Her ability to observe the smallest detail of posture, weight distribution and general body language is very impressive. Even more impressive for me was how she translated that into the smallest adjustments to me that had a domino effect on my posture, breathing, energy and sense of wellbeing. After one session my comment was ‘I used to breathe through 15mm pipe – now it is like a drainpipe’!

I now have a new set of really helpful patterns in my body that I am turning into new habits. I have a greater sense of how to look after my body, what to do for ‘ongoing maintenance’ and definitely what to avoid doing. My posture is better, my neck has been almost 100% pain free, my breathing is easier and energy levels higher. What more can I say … Pippa also has a great sense of humour.

I cannot recommend Pippa highly enough.

Very genuine feedback Pippa, just sorry it took me so long!

Peter O