No matter what your age or physical ability I believe you can practise Tai Chi and feel its benefits.


Initially, these are usually a calmer mind and less muscle tension, leading to greater movement awareness, improved balance and often reduced discomfort.

It’s slow pace and graceful movement counteract our busy scheduled lives.

It helps to ground or earth a person, and establish fuller slower breathing.


With time and repetition, positive health changes happen as the body systems are brought into internal balance or homeostasis.

This process engages the parasympathetic nervous system, nicknamed the rest and digest system.

Thus slowing the heart rate and improving digestion.

This enables the body to recover from heightened physical and metabolic activity.

Although Tai Chi has its origins in ancient China, it is relevant for people today.

The philosophy of Tai Chi is many thousands of years old.

At the time of the Yellow Emperor, 2500BC, the Daoist monks were trying to make sense of the world around them, and realised that everything in the natural world could be described as having a variable mix of two opposing yet harmonious forces, yin and yang. Examples of yin include dark, soft, receptive and of yang, light, hard and issuing.

Tai Chi Ch’aun is the full name for the movement based on this philosophy of yin and yang. It is a martial art for self-defence and a meditative movement for mind and body health.


“This exercise will lead many practitioners to health, happiness and longevity. The defence is secondary.”

Grandmaster Chang San-feng


Beginners Tai Chi

Tuesdays 10.15-11.30 am At OCRA’s Pavilion in the Park, Okehampton

Due to Covid19 this class is currently suspended.

This class gets to grips with the basics ideas and principals of Tai Chi. We explore alignment, steps and postures. We start to learn the 37 step short form, with increasing awareness of breath and focus.

Currently this class has both men and women. Some students have been playing with the Tai Chi for a couple of years and others only started in January.This is great because sometimes learners pair up to help each other so the class has a lovely community feel to it.  Thanks folks.

Intermediate Tai Chi

Wednesdays 10.00-11.30 am Village Hall, Whiddon Down

Due to Covid19 this class is currently suspended.

For people who have learned the postures of the 37 step short form.

This class deepens your Tai Chi understanding both physically and spiritually as you continue to develop your open hand form.

Early Tai Chi learning centres around your own alignment, balance, movement and awareness. The next step is usually, but not at the moment, to explore these themes whilst in contact with another person.

We learn to have conversations in touch via sticking hands concept of Tui Shou and Da Lu, a short two person moving step pattern.

We vary the emphasis of the class and this term are having fun with Dr Chi’s straight sword form.

Tai Chi for those with Long-Term Neurological Conditions

Tuesdays 12.00-13.00 pm

This class is currently running as a Zoom class. Please ring me on 07889532982 if you are interested in joining us.

Perhaps you have a long term disorder that limits your mobility, like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Post-Polio Syndrome or Stroke but you’d like to exercise a bit more.

Come and join with others who understand what living with a long term health issue is like.

We play with alignment and balance, breath, spirit and release of tension.

Sometimes with music, sometimes without.

We are a happy group of men & women who enjoy getting together and moving.

We stand as much as we can & sit whenever we need to.

We all have good and not such good days, but as a group we recognise this and we are friendly and supportive of each other.

Read Dartmoor Links article about this class at




My teaching ethos

We aim to have fun, to move, to laugh, to be serious and focused, to relax, to breathe, to be quiet, to be reflective, to be engaged, to be human.

We hope you will decide to come along and try a class. Bring something special, bring yourself!