About Pippa Cherrington

Although I enjoyed all the sports I took part in as a child, someone else falling over and crying out was enough to distract me from the aim of the game.
I was obviously more drawn to helping others than being competitive myself!

Yet I have family members who have competed at national level in their chosen sport. So I understand the drive within others, yet gain far more satisfaction in supporting them as they strive.
I think this has transferred to my relationship with my clients.
No matter the level of your ability when we first meet I will do my best to improve that to the level you want.

I fell in love with Tai Chi at the very first session I tried. It felt like a coming home to my body. New yet familiar. I took as many classes as my teacher, Angus Clark, would let me do.
In due time this led to my teaching Tai Chi and qualifying as an instructor for The School of Living Movement and recognition as a teacher from The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

At this time I was also receiving beneficial treatment for long term neck pain that had been very intense. Stewart Mitchell’s approach and skill prompted me to train as a massage therapist.

My drive to learn more types of bodywork and improve my understanding of the body was initially driven by some of my earliest Tai Chi students. I noticed that some students seem to be hampered by physical tension or injury that they could not consciously let go of.
It was as if they too needed some outside input. So I studied Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Sports Massage with Rehabilitation. For fun I also learnt Hot Stones Massage.

But I was left wanting more depth of information. I wanted to comprehend the relationship between movement limitations in one part of the body, emotion and traumatic events and clearing these from a person so that they can freely move forward both mentally and physically.

This led me to Tom Myers' Anatomy Trains and the skilful and amusing teaching of James Earls.
Once again I was hooked, attending all the workshops, roping in friends to experience my rudimentary techniques and finding willing volunteers for the work.After gaining my Structural Bodywork Certificate, I kept learning and practicing till I was ready to qualify in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration.

I also took and passed the International Association of Structural Integration exam to become a Board Certified Structural Integrator in April 2016.

Since then I have continued to develop my skills and understanding of the human body and its influencers be they neurological, psychological or social. I continue my professional development by further in depth training with Til Luchau and his Advanced Myofascial Training Programme. I have attended the British Fascia Symposiums which keep me up to date with current thinking and research into fascia as well as listening to informed podcasts like The Thinking Practitioner and registering for relevant webinars that feed my interest.

My experience has enabled me to help a wide variety of clients, both children and adults. Some have come to me because they have an unresolved functional problem or are in pain.
These include amateur sportsmen and women who use my skills to support them in their endeavours. I’m experienced with the different movement requirements of runners, riders, cricketers, cyclists, walkers, fishermen, golfers, tennis & badminton players.

I regularly treat clients with additional needs due to long term health conditions, wheelchair users and those with learning difficulties.

Pippa is a member of Complementary Therapists Association and Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

She has full professional insurance with Holistic Insurance Services.

Manual Treatments available at two Devon locations.

  • My clinic and studio in Jacobstowe, Nr Okehampton
  • Anglers Paradise, Halwill Junction

Pippa Cherrington

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  • Tai Chi Teacher, Intermediate Level, registered with Tai Chi Union of GB
  • City & Guilds Certificate in Further Education Teaching Level 4
  • ITEC Holistic Massage Level 3 2008
  • SCM Stone Massage Therapy 2012
  • ITEC Lymphatic Drainage Massage Level 3 2012
  • ITEC Dip Sports Massage Level 4 2012
  • Anatomy Trains Structural Bodywork 2014
  • Anatomy Trains Certified Structural Integrator 2016
  • IASI Board Certified Structural Integrator CM 2016
  • Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork 2018
  • ScarWork after Breast Cancer 2018
  • ScarWork-Working with Pelvic and Abdominal Scarring 2020
  • CAMT I - Advanced Ankle 1 2019
  • CAMT 1 - Arm, Wrist and Shoulder Parts 1 & 2 2019
  • CAMT 1 - Advanced Ilia Parts 1 & 2 2019
  • CAMT 1 - Inflammation Part 1 2019
  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques Leg, Knee & Foot 2019
  • CAMT 1 - Pelvis, Hip & Sacrum: Principles 2020
  • Myofascial Technique Series, Deep Posterior Neck 2020
  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Working with Migraines 2020
  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Neck, Jaw & Head Principles 2020
  • Dissection Livestream: through Human Body with Tom Myers & Todd Garcia 2020
  • Dissection Livestream; Macro to Micro with Tom Myres & Todd Garcia 2020
  • CAMT 1 - Spine, Rib & Low Back 2020