Massage Therapy in Okehampton, Devon

Are you experiencing pain, stress, or movement restrictions?

You are welcome to browse the site, discover how my therapy has helped others and will be of use to you.

You can book via my phone on 07889 532982 or use the contact form.

I look forward to our first meeting and learning what it is you want to change.

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Tai Chi

Discover peace and mental space through the flowing patterns of Tai Chi.

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Structural Bodywork

Restore your body's ease and energy through myofascial release.

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Scarwork & Massage

Reduce the restrictions and discomfort of your scars.

Latest News & Articles

Transformative Power of Sports Massage in Okehampton

The Transformative Power of Sports Massage in Okehampton, Devon

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Holistic Massage

The Healing Touch of Holistic Massage at Pippa’s Movement Therapy

Welcome to the tranquil world of Pippa's Movement Therapy, nestled in the scenic heart of Okehampton, Devon. Our serene sanctuary is dedicated to holistic wellness, where each therapy session is...
What is Sciatica and Can Structural Bodywork Help

What is Sciatica and Can Structural Bodywork Help?

Sciatica is a condition that can cause a great deal of pain as well as significant loss of mobility. It can also be a perplexing condition with a range of...