Sports massage can be tailored  to suit event preparation and  aftercare or as Injury Rehabilitation Therapy.

Event Preparation and Injury Prevention

Use massage as part of your event preparation. It doesn’t matter if you're a golfer, marathon runner or cyclist build treatments into your training programme to support your body’s readiness for your big day. This means small niggles can be eased out before they become a training stoppage problem.Your sports massage will concentrate on muscle groups relevant to your activity. This helps you maintain or improve muscle elasticity and strength. For good range of motion and better performance you need balance between these two elements of muscle function. This helps to prevent injury.

Sports Massage

Injury Rehabilitation Therapy

You may have hurt yourself playing a sport, daily activity or something more drastic like a car crash.
Although the cause is very relevant information, sports massage can be  used to speed up healing and reduce discomfort.

You will receive treatment that is supportive, individual and relevant to you.

Rehabilitation therapy starts with an assessment of your injury. Pain, tissue restrictions, movement function, your emotions and aims will all be considered as together we re-educate your injured body.

This will include hands on massage therapy, using a variety of techniques.

You will not just be sent home with a list of exercises. We will do movement patterns together, so that you can feel and understand the goals and how to move correctly. Sometimes after injury the brain needs re-educating, the sensory movement link has broken down. You will see, feel and understand this re-educative need.Then you will need to commit to doing exercises or movement patterns at home. Just like taking tablets, you will get a movement prescription!