Tai Chi

How Tai Chi helps these five health conditions and why it may surprise you

By Pippa | July 24, 2021

As well as improving strength, flexibility, balance and mental well-being, tai chi holds value in treating many health conditions. As a mind-body practise, tai chi is restorative and has both immediate and long-lasting benefits. It…

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guide to lymphatic drainage massage

A guide to lymphatic drainage massage

By Pippa | June 13, 2021

The fluid in our lymphatic system helps extract toxins and waste from the tissues of the body. Certain health conditions can cause a build-up of lymph fluid, and a lymphatic drainage massage can help with…

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sports massage

What is sports massage and what are the benefits?

By Pippa | May 19, 2021

We all know about the benefits of a good massage. Having a professional massage can help us to feel more relaxed mentally and help our bodies to function better. However, a sports massage can go…

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What is scarwork?

By Pippa | May 5, 2021

One insecurity that many people may have are scars. Scars may be obtained for many reasons, including surgery, injury, childbirth or anything that causes deep damage to the dermis (the thick layer of your skin)….

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What is a holistic massage and what are the benefits?

What is a holistic massage and what are the benefits?

By Pippa | March 30, 2021

If you’re struggling with a particular ailment or just want to improve your overall physical and mental health, consider a holistic massage. Holistic massages are massages that use natural methods and go beyond the physical…

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Pinktober Scarwork Offer

By Pippa | October 6, 2020

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To help all the lovely ladies who’ve had breast cancer surgery, I am giving a 10% discount when you book Scarwork sessions with me between now and 6th November….

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Re-opening 27 July

By Pippa | July 25, 2020

The Government rules and advice about infection control for hands-on therapists seem to have finally settled.  Great news!   Opening 27 July This means I can reopen my business albeit with some modifications. Initially I…

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